7 Recession-Proof Business Ideas

Il colore è vita, il bianco e nero è arte

7 Recession-Proof Business Ideas


While it’s not a given, there’s a good chance you’ll need financing should the economy take a nosedive. People are still bound to splurge a little bit from time to time mid-recession — after all, everyone needs some kind of respite in the middle of economic turbulence. Candy and other comfort food provide a relatively inexpensive outlet for that spending. Utility services, like home and car repair, comprise another key defensive, recession-resistant industry.


However, selling tattoos and original body art items does not offer as much guaranteed return as some of the other recession-proof business ideas on this list. You have to make a name for yourself and build a portfolio and have a sanitary environment from which to work and know that your best advertising is your ink. Grocery and convenience stores, food and beverage manufacturers, and food delivery services are great businesses to start because they’re highly profitable. Everyone needs food and drinks, whether it’s picking up items from the grocery store for the week or going out for a quick meal. Food delivery has also become popular with more people working from home and having busier schedules.

Ways To Sustain A Recession-Proof Business

Those less-than-ideal forecasts might include considerations about potential economic turbulence. Recessions can be unpredictable, but they’re part of the natural ebb and flow of any economy. Make sure you have a picture of what your business can expect if one happens, so you have some kind of plan in place to weather those kinds of conditions.

Look for businesses that have demand no matter what the economy is doing. One way or another, take the necessary strides to delight and assist your existing base — do what you can to make sure they’ll stick with you when it comes time for them to make spending cuts. That’s why taking the proper strides to position yourself as a reliable, trustworthy investment for creditors serves you when you’re trying to recession-proof your business. They’re essentially micro-luxuries — but oddly enough, that’s what makes candy and comfort food recession-proof. Even in a recession, the average person will have a hard time living with a termite infestation or major water damage.

Good Business Ideas to Start in a Bad Economy

Apartment move-out cleaning services are a recession-proof business for many reasons. Whether or not a business survives a recession depends on its product offering, leadership and management, location and broader industry trends. It’s estimated that the online resell industry will reach $136.3 billion by 2026.


Freight and logistics delivers both the necessities and the comforts, making it consistently recession-proof. Healthy habit, but it is one of the best-performing businesses in a recession. People always need to eat, and during a recession, they typically also cut back on eating out in restaurants and ordering takeout. However, convenience stores such as 7-Eleven can typically be started with far less capital.

The Best Businesses To Start in a Recession

However, recession proof business ideasing a recession-proof business doesn’t have to be a doctor. If you have legal training, you may want to start a law firm that offers various services. Even during an economic downturn, people may still need the help of lawyers or total law firms. One of the best recession-proof businesses to start has to do with finances.

property management

You can find ideas for plenty of businesses that do well in a recession. It may seem like most businesses will turn for the worse when there’s an economic recession. Millions of businesses and firms seek outside help regarding accounting and other financial information services, as do individuals. With rules and regulations getting more complicated and confusing, consulting experts seems to be the go-to move. Services offered include tax preparation, bookkeeping, and invoice outsourcing. It might surprise you to see real estate on our list when you consider the Great Recession.

What is a recession?

The real estate industry involves the sale of land, residential, commercial, and industrial properties. But, there are other businesses involving real estate that may also thrive during a recession, like property management or investment firms. With rising costs, it’s unlikely that people will replace old or broken appliances in the home.

What is the best business to start during a recession?

There are some small businesses that you can start during a recession such as an online freelancing business or an online teaching business. You can also build your own brand and start selling beauty products or food online. If you don’t have the resources to accommodate a lot of customers, you can offer these services within your network first.

That way, you can set up your business for success, even when other companies may struggle to stay afloat. Keep reading to learn what businesses to start and why recession resistance is so important. Having recession-proof businesses is essential when starting your venture in these times. The SaaS industry is another with little to no overhead, making them easier for businesses to maintain during a recession.

Grocery Store

If you don’t have the resources to start your own car repair business, you can offer these services to family and friends first. Over time, your business could grow with the power of networking and strategic advertising. Property management firms usually make anywhere from 8-10% of the rent charged for a property, so you can make some good money with only a few clients. Commercial property management is another area where you can make great money by managing the commercial real estate that businesses lease.

Who benefits from recession?

Economists often see a massive increase in demand for their services as the general public, businesses, and policy makers grapple with the recession. Consultants, government policy advisors, and even media personalities may also find opportunities to market their expertise during uncertain economic times.


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